Nowhere Girl

01 Feb
A picture of me being myself. Sort of. I’m kind of a silly person. I figured it was a good thing to start with. If this doesn’t scare you nothing will.

 Hello There,

You’re probably wondering why you should read this. I wonder that myself. I could go on and on about why you would like me but really in the end it’s up to you if you do or not. So I’ll let you read and make your own decision. If you think I’m cool, awesome. If not, awesome.

See how easy I am to get along with?

Mostly I’m doing this for myself. I’m not sure what all I’ll put on this thing. I’m going to try avoiding stuff like personal drama and what I had to eat today. That’s boring. I think I’ll put some pictures of costumes up. Maybe talk about them. Maybe I’ll post some stuff about the Haunted House I work at or the LARP I play in. Maybe I’ll just tell you about some amusing observation I had.

You never can tell what I’ll post. So sit back, have a beer and enjoy the ride. Or if you don’t like beer please feel free to have the beverage of your choice.



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