Cosplay: Ivy Valentine

08 Feb

Me as Ivy Valentine at Fanime

I’ve been an Arcade Rat for a good portion of my life. I don’t go to arcades anymore, mostly because I have a real life that requires my time and money be spent on it but I do love a good video game. Growing up I loved fighting games. My first video game was Karataka. This little side scrolling fighting game where you ninja kicked and punched a bunch of evil dudes to save the princess. I can remember when the first Street Fighter came out and when Mortal combat still used live people for their graphics. As graphics and games got better I fell in love with the Soul Caliber series, mainly because the character designs were amazing. On of my favorite characters is Ivy Valentine.

Character: Ivy Valentine

From: Soul Caliber 2

Version: Second Player Costume

Inspiration: You know me, I love my villains but really Ivy is not really so much a villain as just a strong woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to do what she has to to get it. In a lot of ways she’s also a tragic character. Factor in that she’s suppose to be intelligent, sexy and sophisticated and well… you can see where this is going.

Oddly I’m not as fond of her 1st player costume. It’s nice and sleek and sexy and I really don’t give a crap about her running around in purple dominatrix gear and kicking guys asses. But it would look awful on me and I really really loved her blue buccaneer outfit better. I think it actually fits her character better. Strong dominant woman in a mans world getting things done. Somehow, purple leather lingerie doesn’t say that to me. But a feminine twist on men’s clothing from that era… oh yeah. That’s the ticket.

Hours of construction: Um… probably between 150 and 300. I wasn’t paying that much attention to the clock when I was making her.

Materials: The boots I got from Pleasers. The little black cuffs were ones I made. The jacket was actually a vintage 1970’s deep blue velvet suit jacket that I found at my work and added trim and cuffs too. The shirt was also found at my work on the 70’s rack. I added trim to it too. I already had the black pants and the waist cincher so that wasn’t hard to throw in. I had to make the epiletts and the ascot. The gloves were white vintage leather ones I had gotten at work. The sword was a plastic sword I had bought at work and dremmled the hell out of and then hooked together.

Hair and Makeup: The make up was pretty simple. Smokey eyes, lipstick, contoured cheeks. Nothing super fancy. As for the hair, believe it or not THAT is not a wig. That is in fact my real hair. Also believe it or not my hair is actually auburn in that picture but I used a ton of Ben Nye Hair White and white hair spray to get it to be that lovely shade of silvery white.

Awards: I won an award for best use of preexisting garments at the BayCon masquerade.

So yeah, that’s the costume. I’ll end you on a back view.

Ivy Valentine Back View


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