R.I.P ProfessorEvil

14 May

It’s amazing how sometimes life just smacks you in the face. Today when I signed on to Face Book I didn’t know that the fist thing that I would see is an announcement that one of my friends had passed away. If I had I’m pretty sure I would have still signed on but I’m realistic like that.

My friends name was Rik “Professor Evil” Cary. Though he and I didn’t work the same haunt we had many  mutual friends and many of the same interests. He was always a supportive and fun loving guy and everyone who knew him will miss him. He was the kind of guy who was always willing to give you advice whether it be about how to make a cotton candy cocoon for a haunt, how to make a dress manikin out of duct tape or just how to get through school without killing your classmates.

Part of the reason this hits me so hard is that just a couple of weeks ago we were happily chatting about our next haunts and how we were going to try to set up a sort of event that will help all the home haunters associated with CalHaunts in the area see each other’s haunts. Which is something no one ever gets to do because we’re always busy with our own.

And now he’s gone. Which feels really weird. I won’t lie to you, I am currently crying as I type. It’s very strange because while Rik and I talked many times over the internet we never met in person. But I cared about him and considered him a friend none the less. If I weren’t still reeling from the shock of this loss I might write some deeper thoughts on both loss and how friendship cane occur over any sort of medium but right now I think I’m gonna take some time for myself to greive and to remember a very awesome person who is no longer with us but will always be in the thoughts and hearts of those who’s lives he touched.

If you knew Rik or you are familar with his haunt ProfesssorEvil’s Nightmare than you know how greatly the haunt community and just our every day lives are changed by this news.

ProfessorEvil’s Nightmare


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