Oh Hey There

20 May

Yeah. So I’m still around. I’m just busy with that job that I was looking for. Turns out that my major in Costume and Makeup Design can at least get me a job working in the cosmetics depart of Macy’s as an Oncall. Which is sort of like a Cosmetics Nomad. Not affiliated with any one counter but able to go between them all. I basically cover people’s shifts, pick up the extra ones that aren’t assigned to people and do a lot of grunt work while looking fabulous.

I got my AA degree finally. Which feels nice. Took forever but I didn’t give up and I got the damn thing. So now I have a degree in Costume and Makeup Design. So there. Take that world!

I am engaged to my boyfriend of six years and we are getting married this coming July. Super excited about that. Like it’s so cool I can’t even begin to explain how cool it is. Planning a wedding is fun, exhausting and daunting but we are getting there.

I worked at a Mortuary for a bit as a paid intern. That was super cool and only solidified my desire to become a Mortician. After the wedding the next plan is to move to Sacromento where I will go to school to get a degree in Funeral Sciences so I can do my apprenticeship and eventually get my license. I’m really looking forward to that.

On a sadder note I did loose my kitties. Mama died from a urinary tract infection that sort of snuck up on us a couple years ago. Dante died a few months ago after 15 years of love and devotion. I miss them both terribly but such is life.

I still LARP. I still work at Haunt. I don’t do much Cosplay anymore due to time and money constraints and also the negative changes in the culture. Just not my scene anymore. I’ve started a new blog called the Cinemasochist where I review really bad movies so you don’t have to watch them. I’m still working on my first post but when I do it I’ll let y’all know.

For now though it’s a steady grind of retail work and wedding planning and dealing with family stuff. I’m still alive. I don’t intend for that to change anytime soon.

I’ll try to be more active. Maybe. Probably.

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