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I’m Still Here

Hey there! In case you were wondering what happened to me I’m still alive. I’ve just been super busy and totally forgot to post.
The two things taking up my time have been school and work. Yes, that’s right, I got a job! I’ll get to that in a sec.
School: With only three classes left in my current AA Degree program I’ve been jugging away at it. All three classes are math. One that I actually need and the other two being prerequisites for that class. I took one this summer, which ends this Thursday. So far I’ve got an A in the class. I’m not sure how I’ve done this. It mystifies me. Math has always been the bully that beats me up and takes my emotional and academic lunch money but this summer I seem to have figured out how to defeat it.

Of course that’s just the one class. The next one I have to take is going to be harder. Not only academically but also to get into. I tried to take it before, 4 times, but I kept having to bail on it half way through. So my reluctance to admit that maybe I wasn’t up to snuff and I needed to take the class before it has made it so that I have to petition to take this time around… now that I’m ready to. Hopefully I’ll be able to. If they won’t let me I’ll just go to a different college and then transfer it back because there’s no way I’m not going to get it done. Even if it means I have to take some convoluted route around the bureaucratic red tape.

After that I’ll be able to take the class I really need and then I will graduate in the Spring. Which feels weird since it’s taken me twelve years or so to finally get this far due to family and health issues and all sorts of other nonsense.

Work: As of July 7th I work at Macy’s as an on-call in the cosmetics department. Which is good since I create my own schedule and I’ve done similar work at the costume shop. My co-workers are super awesome and fun to work with and I’m guaranteed a pay check for my work which is nice. I also get commission on top of my hourly wage. So that’s a nice little bonus. I am finding it a bit hard to get into the swing of juggling work, school and a social life again but I’ll figure it out. It’s like riding a bicycle. You never really loose it you just forget it for a while.
Anyhoo, that’s it for me right now. I’ll try to have more goodies for you later.


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Adventures in Job Hunting

The title of this post is rather misleading. In reality my job hunt over the past few months has not been very adventurous. Go to web site, fill out online application, click button, wait, not hear from company, lather, rinse, repeat. It’s very dull. It’s very discouraging. It’s very depressing.

This past two weeks I’ve sent in about nine applications. Which is roughly one application a day. Some would say I should be sending in about 9 a day but when you’re only two jobs ever have been retail as a sales clerk it’s very difficult to find anything. This is mainly because you share this trait with a good deal of the population. I’m very positive that I am not the only unemployed college student with a retail sales background running around on the internet trying to find a job. The other problem with this is being a student your schedule is kind of wonky. So all the non-students get snatched up first because they have completely open schedules.

Then there’s the dreaded online application process which pretty much feels like you’re jumping through flaming hoops over a shark tank blind folded and backwards. After you’re done you take the blind fold off to realize that the audience left half way through and the only person still in the stands is some dude reading a news paper who wasn’t paying attention anyways. Basically, you don’t feel like anyone will ever see your application and thus your likely hood of getting the job is very very slim if anything at all.

There is some upside to it. You get very good at answering silly questions about your personality, work ethics and basic reasoning capability. If ever you are stuck in a video game-like scenario where answering such questions mean that you either move on to the next level or fall into a pit full of acid you’re set. Otherwise you have acquired a useless skill that will never really serve you well.

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!!!!: Useless Question Answering Skill Aquired

I miss the good ol’ days when you could walk into a place and ask if they were hiring and if they were you could talk to the manager and get to know them a little and leave an impression on them before you took the application home and then brought it back after taking your time to fill it out. Now you’re just a name and a number without a face that some poor human resources person has to look at and most likely will just skim over.

There are days when I think there is too much automation in the world. How will these places that only take online applications function if the internet stops existing. I’m hoping it’s some sort of Mad Max style Thunder Dome contest because if it is I am totally getting a job. Or maybe it can be rock/paper/scissors and all those hours spent at LARP will finally pay off. Not likely but one can dream… one can dream…

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