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Today I want to talk about one of my hobbies. LARP, or Live Action Role Playing.

What is live action role playing? It’s kind of hard to put it in a neat little nut shell but I’ll try. Live action role playing is essentially a form of group story telling using impromptu acting. Wherein players create characters with full backgrounds and personalities and interact with one another both verbally and physically. All actions and conversations happen in real time and create an ongoing story. Narrators or storytellers act as game masters, creating plots and non player characters (NPCs) for the players to interact with and react to. Thus adding to the experience. That being said, LARP is one of those things that you will never fully understand til you try it.

Full immersion LARP is a type of live action role playing in which you stay in character the whole time, only going out of character in emergencies and the like. It is usually done over an extended period of time, like a weekend and often uses simulated combat using foam covered fauxcimilies of weapons called boffers.

Or we could go with how I usually explain it to my coworkers, which is: “I run around the woods in Victorian garb pretending to be someone I’m not and hitting people with foam covered sticks.” Which of course makes me sound like a lunatic.

Either way, it’s super fun. It gives me a different perspective on the world around me and allows me to try different sorts of communication and decision making methods in a safe environment surrounded by like-minded people who support me by doing the same. Plus! I get to make costumes for it. Oh so many fancy Victorian costumes. Costumes I will soon have pictures of to share with you.

Also I’m the safety officer for our game. Which means that I basically tell people not to do foolish things that will get them hurt and I oversee first aide and make sure the boffers are safely constructed.

Our next session is coming up at the end of the month and I’m super excited about it. (In case you couldn’t tell by my gushing.)

Obligatory Shameless Plug:

If you are a geek like me and are looking for something awesome to do or you are merely curious about what I’m talking about, please check us out at:

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I <3 Lou Reads the Internet or The Great Magnet Adventure

It’s been a while and I do apologize. I’ve been busy with school (kicking ass in my World Philosophers on Death class!! Go me! Ahem!) and thus have not had much time or presence of mind to write anything worth letting the entire internet read. So today’s is a very special edition.

Back Story:

My boyfriend, Tom, is a huge fan of Lou Reads the Internet For You. If you have never heard of it it’s a podcast where a lovely gent named Lou reads… well… the internet and records it. He often finds strange and somewhat unusual sites and forums to read from. Some are fetish forums, others are political forums… you get the idea. If you need more info check it out at  . I think you will be amused. I know I am. In fact I am also a huge fan. Anyways, I am going off on a tangent. That is loosly related to the title of this segment but… again I digress.

So Tom is a huge fan and he had downloaded the then most recent podcast and while looking at the picture that was used as the thumbnail he did a double take and then promptly messaged me.

“Did you ever do a vampire costume in a red dress?” He asked.

“Yes. Why?”

“I think Lou Reads used a picture of you for his latest pod cast.”

So I checked and low and behold… there I was… staring me right in the face. The picture that had been used was a picture of me in my Carmila costume. You remember that one. I posted about it a while back. So I decided to post a comment on the site.

Now some of you might think that I was all “Oh hell no! How dare you use a picture on me for a segment about a forum with people who actually think they’re vampires.” But… Really… I wasn’t. I was kind of flattered really and figured that Lou wasn’t implying that I thought I was a vampire of some such silliness like that. Later I received and email from him thanking me for being cool and offering both me and Tom magnets. With the caveat that we send him pictures of the magnets in their new home environment.

A few days later I received an envelope… handed to me by my very confused mother. And who could blame her… look at it…

I love this envelope. It makes me giggle every time I see it. I adored Lou before this and the fact he took the time to draw a picture on the envelope endured him even more to me… and I’ve never even met the guy.

As I said I’ve been busy. So I didn’t get the pictures of the magnets like I promised and I feel bad. So to make up for it the rest of the segment will be the pictures I’ve taken in my quest for the perfect spot for my Lou Reads the Internet For You magnet.

One would think that the refrigerator is the perfect place for a magnet but I am a rebel. I went with the hood above the stove for my first shot. The idea of cooking with Lou there to watch over my food like some weird internet guardian angel amused me.

My Magnet hanging out over the stove

But I thought… I could totally do better than this. So I moved on to some place else. A place one never sees or expects a magnet. The Bathroom!

Needless to say my family found this creepy and I worried for the magnets safety as I’m not sure how water resistant it is. So… onto the next unlikely place… the water heater!

I liked it but I decided to try it on another spot…

It was okay… but I still thought I hadn’t exahusted all my options. Though I did love the “WARNING” and the “FOR YOUR SAFETY READ BEFORE LIGHTING” stuff. So onto the next option… living things. For this I tried my nephew and my cats. On the off chance that one of them was metal. With disturbing results.

My nephew turned out to be a cyborg… and I’m sad to say that his grades have gone down since I introduced a magnet to his head. I’ve been told it’s not permanent.

Mama Kitty turns out to be a robot cat. Which explains all the pancakes ( If you dont’ get this joke please watch the video located here: )

Dante as it turns out is not made of metal. But he really seemed to like the magnet. Once he relinquished it after his nap it was onto other options.

I placed the magnet by my bottle of Scotch but I felt kind of like I was being judged every time I went for a drink with Lou peeking out around the bottle so I decided to go with the one place that seemed like a natural spot.

I kind of like it on my white board the best. I should ask Lou if there are some good sites that can tell me where I can become a vampire and see if he has suggestions for the second part of the plan. The profit part is easy.

That’s it for my fangirly geekery with a magnet. I hope you enjoyed it. I know I did. My family just sort of stared at me and wondered why i was wandering a round with a magnet and taking pictures of it.

Diclaimer: No cats, robot cats, cyborgs, nephews, water heaters, bottles of booze, bath tubs, stoves or anything else was harmed in this adventure. If they had been I certainly wouldn’t have put photo documentation up on the internet >.>


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