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Cosplay: Tira

Me as Tira. Picture taken by Eurobeat King at Fanime 2007

As I’ve said before, I love video games and I love evil people. Though one could argue that Tira isn’t really evil so much as crazy. Regardless I also love the characters with the freaky weird fighting styles and weapons. If I had the body for it I’d probably cosplay as Voldo but that’s another story all together.

Character: Tira

From: Soul Caliber III

Version: Player One in alternate color scheme.

Notes: I was originally going to do this costume in it’s usual green but I couldn’t find a green body suit that didn’t look goofy so I ended up using a black cat suit for the top and some pants that I found at some weird shop at the mall for the bottom. By far the only time I ever bought pre-ripped jeans in my life. Possibly the only time I ever will. The armor was actually cheap plastic roman armor painted and cut up. Add some ribbon, leather ties, a green feather boa and some gloves and you got a costume.

The full costume plus the bladed hula hoop weapon. Sadly the lighting was a little too dark here but you can see the hula hoop at least.

Hardest Part: The damned weapon. That there is a hula hoop with some foam core poster board and a lot of silver duct tape. The wig was also a pain as I started with a green wig, hated it and used a black one and some green hair spray instead.

Favorite Part: The body paint and the make up. I love how it came out.

Hours Spent on it: Probably about twelve.

Cost: Um… hmm… probably less than $100. It was a fairly cheap costume to make.


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Cosplay: The Baroness

The Baroness from G.I. Joe Picture Credits: Eurobeat King

Hello my sweets,

So I didn’t have anything else to post so I figured I’d give y’all another Costume post. This time it’s the Baroness from G.I. Joe. One of my favorite costumes to ever encase my skin.

Character: The Baroness

From: G. I. Joe

Inspiration: As a child of the 80s I grew up watching such things as Transformers, G.I.Joe, Thunder Cats, Jem, She-Ra and all those other weird shows that are now retro and kitchy. You know, those shows teenagers wear t-shirts for even though they never watched them but it’s in to wear “retro” stuff because the Hot Topic says so? Those shows.

My annoyance at the way trends work aside, I loved (still love) G. I. Joe. Not just the cartoon but also the comics in all their incarnations. Yes, even the cheesy marvel ones. Don’t judge me. There’s something to be said about pure imagination coupled with cheesy sci fi, weird ways to show patriotism and silly Flash Gorden-esq plots. Beyond that, when you actually get into the characters their are some really cool ones in there. In my opinion the 1980s were one of the best decades to grow up as a girl because all the cartoons (even the girly ones like Jem and She-ra) had amazingly strong female characters. I mean c’mon, Cheetarah? Lady Jay? Stormer? Catra? They’re all kick ass women who also have a soft side. They don’t compromise the aspects that make one feminin just to be bad ass. They were great examples of “you can be tough and girly too.”

Now I will climb down off of my feminist soap box and get with the costumey stuff.

I chose The Baroness because I had always loved her. She practically ran Cobra. Lord knows someone had to with Cobra Commander, those doofy twins, and Zartan running around like it was a three ring circus. And she wore glasses. I mean… um… she made glasses cool. And sexy. The other reason I made the costume was because I wanted a second costume to take to Fanime and needed something that didn’t require a lot of sewing since I had only two days to make it.

Time to make: Bout 2 days initially. I’d up it to about 4 now since I added some stuff.

Materials: 1 Vinyl Cat Suit (from Leg Avenue), 1 vinyl waist cincher (also from Leg Avenue), 6 inch heeled knee high lace up boots (most likely from Pleasers even though I got them from some random store in the mall), Two rubber snake heads taken from staff thingys that we were selling at work (Debbie Lyn’s Costumes), Black vintage leather gloves ( also bought at DLC), My old fencing chest protector painted with some model paint, A black Mistress wig (also got at DLC), one black leather ringed belt bought at DLC as well, a leather pouch gotten at BayCon, and my glasses. The gun in the picture above was the photographer’s.

But wait, Adana, dosen’t costuming/cosplaying require sewing??

NO. I don’t know a single costumer professional or otherwise who will sew doesn’t occasionally buy something rather than sew it. I also know plenty of Cosplayers who buy their costumes or have them made for them rather than make them themselves. There’s no shame in it as long as you are honest about it. For this costume the work required was figuring out how to put it all together to get the look I wanted and then some cutting of the little snake heads as well as some painting. It’s still costuming because it’s not easy to tetrus everything together to create a reproduction of a specific character. If it was everyone would be doing it.

All in all I’d say that this costume probably cost me no more than $200.

Awards: I don’t think so. I mean, I can’t recall any and I never entered her into a Masquerade so I’m gonna go with no. I did however make several people’s day and got a lot of hugs and compliments. Luckily the costume is vinyl so the drool came right off.

Most Difficult Part of the Costume: Wearing it in anything over 75 degree weather, really. Vinyl dose not get looser when it gets warmer, it gets tighter. So I felt a little like someone was grabbing my ass the whole time. Which is a really awkward sensation.


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